A brief look into the evolution of Murray Latta Progressive Machine and the impact we’ve made over the years.


Murray-Latta Machine Works is officially created, as a partnership between John F. Latta (Treasurer) and James L. Murray (President). It began as a machine manufacturer and steel fabricator, specializing in the fish canning retort industry. The shop was located at the corner of Bidwell and Alberni Street in what is now a high-rise apartment building in Vancouver, BC.


The company became Murray-Latta Machine Co. Ltd.


The company moved to 311 West 2nd Avenue in Vancouver, BC, in what has now been built into a high-rise condominium.


James L. Murray retires, and John F. Latta continues on as President.


Progressive Mill Supplies came into existence, as a distributor of equipment to the forestry industry. Murray-Latta Machine began working with Progressive Mills Supplies, to fabricate and machine planermill and sawmill parts. View our current line of planermill and sawmill products.


John F. Latta retires.


Murray-Latta Machine introduced millwrighting and machinery installation, working together with Progressive Mill Supplies to provide services. They also began to build, install and service a large number of chairlifts throughout the Province and neighbouring states.


Murray-Latta Machine began manufacturing heavy-duty knife gate valves for the Alberta Tar Sands.


Murray-Latta Machine begin to manufacture and install baggage handling equipment conveyors at airports.


Murray-Latta Machine and Progressive Mill Supplies begin to share common ownership, but continue to operate under both existing company names.


Murray-Latta Machine moves to 13091 Bathgate Place in Richmond, BC. Unlike the other previous shop locations, it has not yet been turned into a high-rise residential building.


Murray-Latta Machine makes a commitment to expand its facility by double its current size with a move to its current location at 8717 132nd Street in Surrey, BC. The company begins to manufacture attachments for heavy earth-moving equipment for various industries.


Murray-Latta Machine and Progressive Mills Supplies begin to work under a common company name, Progressive Machine Industries Inc.


Progressive Mill Supplies and Murray-Latta Machine officially merge, in both name and ownership, and change their name from Progressive Machine Industries Inc. to the Murray Latta Progressive Machine Inc. it is known as today.


On May 15th, 2013, Murray Latta Progressive Machine Inc. acquired Brunette Industries Ltd., resulting in the formation of the new Brunette Machinery Company Inc. This alliance has expanded our presence in the foresty sector to include the Brunette product lines and their 70+ years of design and manfacturing experience. 


On September 1st, 2018, Murray Latta Progressive Machine Inc. has aquired the operations of Kimwood Corporation, forming the new company as Kimwood Machinery Inc.