• Professional Engineers and Engineering Technologists
  • CWB Certified Welders & Fabricators
  • Certified Journeymen Machinist Technicians
  • Certified Mechanical Pipefitters
  • Certified Millwright Technicians
  • Certified Planermill Maintenance Technicians
  • Certified Overhead Crane & Forklift Operators
  • ISO 9001 Auditors
  • Certified General Accountants


  • Over 50% of Welders with 20 or more years experience
  • Over 65% of Fabricators with 20 or more years experience
  • Over 50% of Machinists with 20 or more years experience
  • Sales Team with an average of 24 years experience
  • Design Team with an average of 27 years experience
  • Project Management Team with an average of 25 years experience


CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau)

Certified to perform structural steel (CSA W47.1) and aluminum (CSA W47.2) welding fabrication in Canada. [READ MORE]

BC Safety Charter

Members of the BC Safety Charter, representing a commitment to lead and promote the cause of safe workplaces in BC. [READ MORE]

CME (Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters)

Members of Canada’s largest trade and industry association, committed to support Canadian manufacturers reach first-class exporting practices. [READ MORE]

Licenced Boiler and Pressure Vessels Contractors: Class MA(PF)

Authorized for shop fabrication of pressure fittings as per CSA-B51, and the shop fabrication of ASME pressure piping as per B 31.9, B 31.5, B 31.3, B 31.1; limited to the scope in the registration quality control manual.
Issued by BC Safety Authority, an organization mandated to oversee the safe installation and operation of technical systems and equipment. [READ MORE]