Ski Lift & Tramway

Since the 1950's, Murray Latta Progressive Machine has serviced the ski industry and industrial tramway industry as a machine and fabricating shop for design, manufacturing, installation, repairs, maintenance, modifications and rebuilds. 

We continue to service our Murray Latta ski lifts and tramways, and also offer consulting, repairs and the installation services of other existing ski lifts, aerial ropeways and tramways.

Please contact us for more information on how we can serve your ski lift, tramway and aerial ropeway needs.

Lift Bike Racks

The Murray Latta Progressive Machine Lift Bike Rack was originally designed in conjunction with Whistler Mountain to chairlift the bikes up the mountain to the seasonal bike trails and parks. These bike racks caused significant savings for the Mountains regarding the number of operators required at the loading station, along with the physical and safety benefits of now not having operators lifting bikes all day to hook onto the chairlift.

The lift bike racks can be designed and modified to fit most all chairlifts of the different manufacturers. We also offer installation and service/repair on all lift bike racks.

For more information on our lift bike racks, please contact us.