Gilbert Feed Table


  • Designed with ease of maintenance in mind
  • Designed with cost effective parts replacement
  • Up to 4000 FPM
  • Cantilever roll design
  • All electric
  • Heavy duty ship channel frame
  • Adjustable swing arms
  • Easy access to belt drive arrangement

Gilbert Bridge Table

Designed for high feed speeds.


  • Bridge is built in one section and equipped with 16” diameter rolls angled running in ball bearing pillow blocks
  • Rolls on 28” centers, rolls driven by v-belts and sheaves
  • Air lift hold down with Syn-steel anti-friction wear material to facilitate feeding and reduce lap-ups in the live roll bridge
  • Adjustable fence with pneumatic quick release on operator’s side of live roll bridge with air pressure holdover roll at head end
  • All rolls are reversible and balanced

Stetson-Ross EP-16 & HP-16 Feed Table

Available in Electric or Hydraulic Drives.


  • Flexibility of control enables the operator to achieve maximum feed speeds to match widely varying lumber conditions.
  • Double pineapple, single pullout roll
  • Individually adjustable hydraulic controls on top pullout and pineapple rolls allow for the correct tensioning for feeding all types of lumber
  • Thin stock booster control prevents feeding stoppages caused by scant sawn material
  • Counterbalance control of pineapples and pullout roll, ensures smooth effective feeding, especially on 1 x 3’s and 1 x 4’s or other light, fragile material
  • Single switch raises pineapples, pullout roll, and opens angle bumper for quick and efficient clearing of pineapple area
  • Hydraulic or Electric drive motors are synchronized with bedrolls to feed more efficiently and to reduce maintenance
  • Shock mounted edge guide wheels greatly reduce feeding friction
  • Heavy duty ball or roller bearings on all rotating parts
  • Heavy steel construction

Gilbert Live Roll for Feed Table or Bridge

Feed Rolls

Diamond points bottom feed rolls, 10 in. LG x 12 DIA. angled at 5°. Grooved upper feed rolls, 10 in. LG x 12 in. DIA. All bottom feed rolls and pineapple rolls are activated by pneumatic cylinders on air cushion.


Sturdy modular steel frame allowing for easier maintenance and quick access to all components. Frame is stress relief for optimal operation.

Feed Mechanism

Feed rolls powered by heavy-duty drive shafts and durable timing belts in a self contained motorization casing to reduce maintenance.


Extra heavy-duty shear, easily variable angling, with interchangeable, four position wear section. Lateral modular guides with 5 in. diameter idler rollers, hardened, chromed and grinded.

Protection Guards

All heavy-duty safety guards with integrated Lexan windows, mounted on air cylinders for easy access.


Motor rating depending upon target production. Each high rotation case bearing powered by timing belts with electric motors to reduce friction and noise.


Variable feeding speed depending upon target production which can reach 3000 feet per minute.