Non-Corrosive Water-Powered Actuating Cylinders

Ideal for Sewer & Water Applications


  • Designed with stainless steel components
  • No parts to rust / breakdown / leak


  • Utilizes city water pressure
  • Eliminates the need of hydraulics or compressed air

Low Maintenance

  • Only maintenance required is to change the O-ring and seal every 2 or 3 years

Long Lasting

  • Metro Vancouver have had these units in service for over 10 years, running 24 hours a day, with no major maintenace or repair overhaul required
    (their previous pneumatic cylinders would corrode within a year and require full repair overhaul or complete replacement every year)
  • Metro Vancouver is currently in the process of replacing all their existing corrosive cylinders with Murray Latta's Non-Corrosive Water-Powered Operating Cylinders

Please call us for more information or for a quote to manufacture Non-Corrosive Water-Powered Actuating Cylinders for your sewer project.