Power Clam Grapple

High Volumetric Efficiency

  • Minimal Drifting
  • Runs Smooth at Low RPM; No Jerking

The true value of Murray Latta's Power Clam Grapple is noticed in the rotor; equipped with a piston motor and planetary gearbox, as opposed to an internal gear motor/gerotor motor


  • Easy installation & operation with hydraulic outriggers
  • Powerful 360-degree rotation torque
  • Uses excavator-type piston motor and planetary gearbox
  • Hydraulic swivel with flow divider/combiner for synchronized jaw movement
  • Heavy-duty construction with a 29" excavator-type slewing ring
  • Large, easy-to-access service windows and spacious rotor
  • Heavy-duty cushioned cylinders (4" bore, 5000 PSI rated) can take full system pressure
  • Jaw stoppers on both open and close
  • Jaw plates made of QT100 steel
  • Jaw tips made of AR500 steel
  • Optional hydraulic outriggers

Refer to our brochure for Technical Specs
Watch our demo video of the Power Clam Grapple in use