PLC Tong Loader

Efficient and highly precise in loading lumber onto lug chains, a crucial stage in our optimized world of modern plants. It delivers outstanding performance in sawing, planing, jointing or remanufacturing, for species as easy to mark as White Pine and Cedar, or as heavy as Southern Yellow Pine.


  • Top performance at high and low speeds
  • Can handle pieces from ½” to 6” thick and from 1” to 16” wide
  • Models for boards of small dimensions (laths, jointing, parquetry)
  • New random sawmill features including indexing transfer
  • Ultra strong models for high-density boards (SYP)

PLC Continuous Breakdown Tilt Hoist

Because of its heavy-duty construction, the CTH 300 can accept all types of wood. The two feed tables of the CTH 300 ensure the steady feed of wood from one main entry point. This steady stream system requires less pre-planer space than traditional systems. The whole structural and mechanical design of the CTH 300 is intended to prevent the components from breaking and wearing. The oversized components of the units ensure reliability in the mill steady stream feed.


  • Heavy duty fabrication
  • For all size of packages
  • High speed continuous unpiling
  • Fully automatic
  • Exclusive and patented design

PLC Wane-Right

Whether for positioning the wane before a planer or for any other application requiring a high-speed board turner, the PLC 400 meets expectations. Each Wane-Right board turner is adapted to your production specifications and is tested according to your operating criteria.


  • Top performance at high and low speeds
  • Can handle pieces from ½” to 4” thick and from 3” to 12” wide
  • Super efficient at board turning before planing
  • Increased precision with high dimension boards
  • Reduces Stops in production – 95% and more
  • Requires very little maintenance

Pro-Grip Lumber Grabber

The Pro-Grip Lumber Grabber is designed to prevent common injuries to the planermen – amputated fingers or mutilated hands – by allowing for complete safe removal of objects from jammed planers.

Use the Pro-Grip Lumber Grabber for:

  • A clean-up tool
  • Handling hot items
  • Hazardous material
  • Extracting boards from planer infeeds


  • Adjustable jaws
  • 42" (1.067m) in length
  • 0" to 2" jaw
  • Aluminum construction
  • Weight 4.5 lbs (2 kg)

Custom lengths are available